Hello from Liz & Hanna!


HALI HALI is the combined vision of designers Hanna and Liz. 
Finnish born Hanna (the "HA" in HALI HALI) spent 19 years in the design industry building a wealth of business knowledge and an elevated minimalist design aesthetic. She met Liz (the "LI" in HALI HALI) while working in the same office for a company that specialized in textiles merchandised across various product categories. Liz and Hanna became fast friends over their shared love of dogs, and mutual dislike of unfiltered lighting.
After 10 years of living and designing in Los Angeles, Liz left to find a quieter place and found a home with her family in Savannah, Georgia. She built her own business by helping start-ups and entrepreneurs bring their product to life and utilizing her knowledge of manufacturing and design processes. After 3 years in Savannah, she was able to convince Hanna to join her in coastal Georgia.
It took a few evenings of enjoying red wine at various eateries throughout the beautiful city – but within the first month HALI HALI was idealized. Both Hanna and Liz were searching for something authentic and meaningful to pour their hearts into, and HALI HALI is just that. Design should be personal and fearless.  Hanna and Liz work to make every piece perfect and personal  whether that means including hand painted elements in their designs or going the extra mile to make the packaging just right.
Finnish for "hug", HALI HALI strives to create product that gives every customer good feels.